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Client Success Stories

Here is what some of our clients have to say about Live Your Life™.

Amy Johnson, Minnetonka

I am 48 year old women, wife and mother of 1 child. I have been living with chronic pain in my back and legs for the past 5 years. Also, I currently have pain in my neck, arms, R knee and both feet.

When I met Eva, I could hardly walk, I was weak and deconditioned in extreme pain and had developed 1 pressure sore on my tailbone. It was a true life-saving moment when I met her. She helped me turn my whole life around. Through her holistic wellness approach, she helped me with nutrition, strengthening, stretching, balance, endurance, as well as the spiritual, social, intellectual and emotional aspects of my life.

What I liked most about Eva is her compassionate, supportive, patient, caring, and encouraging holistic approach to wellness. You can tell she loves what she does. She is knowledgeable and resourceful. In addition, she was my health advocate who accompanied me on my physician appointments focused on keeping me healthy and getting my life back.

What I would say to my family and friends about her is that she amazing. It’s a no brainer. I would not look to anyone else for help. #1 choice for physical therapy.

Cheryl Hamburger, PCA, Shoreview

I am a PCA for a 96-year-old gentleman. I have worked alongside “Live Your Life PT” for a year with the common goal of helping him to live the highest quality of life possible for him. Combining good nutrition, activities, and the exceptional physical therapy “Live Your Life PT” has provided, he was recently taken off a hospice program as a result of improved health.You can put your trust in “Live Your Life PT” to provide excellent medical advice and care, positive and enthusiastic support, and a commitment to the clients need above all else!

Sue Norman, COTA, Account Manager, Handi Medical Supply, Inc.

I have known Dr. Eva Norman for 14 years. Eva’s unwavering drive, expertise and passion has not only had overwhelming impact on her clients, but also her colleagues. Her cutting edge approach and determination to make a difference is evident as she continues to expand in her practice through “Live Your Life Therapy, LLC.” An outcomes based approach is her focus along with comprehensive consideration to successfully meet the goals of her clients. Dr. Norman is relentless in advocating for her practice on a local and national level. She has justly earned the respect of those in the medical profession and her expanding client base. It is an honor and privilege to work with Dr. Eva Norman as we diligently strive to make a difference in those we serve each day.

Arthur Glassman, husband of Penny Glassman, Edina

I am the husband of a 68 year old woman with a progressive, debilitating neurological disease. Dr. Allison McNulty, our physical therapist, has made my wife’s life better. She has been patient, understanding, empathetic, caring and has brought a great deal of relevant knowledge to us. My wife has helpful exercises she can and will do. The staff where we live have learned from her how to do safe transfers. My wife is in a much better place because of Dr. McNulty’s involvement in her care.

What I would say to my family and friends is very simple – if you need physical therapy this is the best group in the twin cities if not the Midwest. We simply couldn’t do any better.

What we would say about Dr. Allison McNulty is she can motivate someone to do what no one else has been able to. She has become the coordinator of care because she was in the best position to do so. She will do what is in her client’s best interest whether or not it is something she gets paid for. And she is extremely ethical – she would not allow us to pay for the considerable time she spent making sure we were getting the best service from the speech therapist, occupational therapist and home health care aide she brought in for us.

Dean Beneke, Champlin

I am an 86-year-old resident of Champlin Shores. Eva has helped me regain my strength and balance. She works with me on walking and posture and both have improved. She has given me good advice about shoes, daily routines, and general living. My health has definitely improved with physical therapy.

What I would say to my family and friends is that anyone who has some physical short comings should definitely look into physical therapy for help. Eva has helped me immensely.

What I like the most about Eva is that she is a pleasure to be around. She is professional and very knowledgeable about physical therapy. She is also very caring and I know she is truly concerned about me.

Heidi Bergstedt, St. Paul

I am Heidi Joy Bergstedt and I am known by my students as Miss Heidi. Movement has been very tough for me but physical therapy has been essential in my attempts to use my wheelchair less. I would most definitely encourage all who need physical therapy to reap the many benefits that I have gotten.

What I would say to my family and friends is that I recommend LYLPT. They are great.

What I liked the most about Dr. Carrie Schoeder is her knowledge and expertise. Thanks to her I am now walking daily.

Margretta J. Ballingrud, St. Paul

I am Jane Ballingrud from St. Paul, a former teacher working to meet the challenges of Parkinson’s. Although this is not a testimonial in the strict sense, I do want to share the positive and comforting experience with Dr. Carrie Schoeder.

Dr. Schoeder was open, attentive and fully attentive from the beginning. She asked questions that helped me figure out the choices of strategies that would help me best. She was generously caring, reassuring, encouraging, and she was able to explain and demonstrate the information needed for progress.

What I liked the most about Dr. Schoeder is the knowledge of her field and her ability to share this knowledge with such clarity. And, most important, to be so supportive when a student is discouraged. Dr. Schoeder has faith that each individual can grow stronger.

Lynn McLean, St. Paul

I am a 69 year old woman. Due to cancer, I had the right side of my tongue removed and reconstructed from an artery and flesh from my right forearm. Three and a half years ago, I had had the same procedure on the left side of my tongue. Despite it being “just my tongue” my entire body was affected. My forearm where the artery and flesh were removed was sore. My right shoulder was weak and stiff, and I could not raise my arm much above my waist. My balance was poor, and my energy level and core body strength were next to non-existent. My left arm and shoulder were still compromised from my first surgery. Years of poor posture detracted from my fullest potential for recovery. So it was addressed as well.

Following my first surgery, I received no in-home services other than a nurse. This time, I had a number of support services, including Physical Therapy. Therefore, I made an easier and more rapid recovery, not just of my body, but also to my sense of self and view of my future.

Dr. Carrie Schroeder provided instruction and encouragement to go along with copies of illustrated examples of the exercises she gave me to practice. She customized my exercises, not just to my physical recovery, but also to my personal preferences.

What I would say to my friends and family is that appointments were scheduled to accommodate my schedule. Appointment times were consistently confirmed and observed. Professionalism and expertise were of a high caliber, and always with appropriate care, encouragement, and support.

Dr. Schroeder provided a mix of professional expertise and compassionate encouragement. She made clear the importance of the exercises she gave me. She supported and encouraged my efforts without ever doing or saying anything that imparted criticism. With care and understanding, she listened as I shared some of my emotional responses not only to the exercises, but my whole medical situation.

Dr. Schoeder communicated clearly that she was there to help me help myself to recover. She could and did contribute her expertise and experience. It was my choice and responsibility to make the best use of all of this for myself. With her support, I was able to accomplish all of my goals far sooner than anyone expected.

Jill Goldstein, Sister of Barton Goldstein, Plymouth

My brother has special needs and Dr. Eva identified exercises that would benefit him on many levels. She trained every individual that works with my brother on the exercise plan she put together. She also trained them how to lift and care for my brother that will protect them from getting hurt and it is also in my brother’s best interest. Dr. Eva helped my brother tailor sit on his own and this is something he has not done for years. It is so good for his core, his digestive system, and his lungs when he is congested. In addition to those benefits, he loves it! Dr. Eva has been such a blessing to my brother, the people who work with him and the rest of my family.

What we would say to our family and friends is that it’s apparent the amount of dedication and passion that Dr. Eva and her staff have for their patients. They are driven to help their clients achieve their goals.

Dr. Eva is brilliant; she is incredibly kind and patient. She cares so deeply about the people she is helping and she cares for their family as well. I was so impressed that Dr. Eva worked with my brother at his home during the day, in the evening and on weekends. She catered to his schedule. She always arrived with a huge smile on her face and she always brightened our days. I am forever grateful for everything that Dr. Eva has done for my brother.

Janice M. Hartkopf, Osseo

My husband, Allan Hartkopf, has had Parkinson’s for 15 years. We met nearly two years ago and his condition was stable with no outward signs of the disease. However, months later he felt weakness in his extremities and decided he wanted to go to Mayo Clinic to test for deep brain stimulation surgery. He qualified for the surgery and it was completed in May of this year. During the recovery period the physical weakness continued and the decision was made to seek therapy. Through a friend, we learned of the services of Dr. Eva Norman, president and founder of Live Your Life Physical Therapy and his first appointment was scheduled.

Dr. Norman presented herself as a delightful, lovely professional who expressed singular interest in bringing Allan (commonly known as Bucky) back to active life. Therapy was scheduled twice weekly, each time concentrating on a different aspect of muscle strength. Bucky looked forward to her visits, simply because he realized therapy was helping. At times, he was very tired after his sessions but it was a ‘good’ tired and strength began to return. From a near shuffle to a confident gait, Dr. Norman (our Eva) has guided Bucky forward to new vistas never dreamed possible to someone with Parkinson’s.

Looking forward, we decided to join together in marriage on October 14, 2014.

We, together with our families and friends, laud Dr. Eva Norman and her staff for bringing Bucky back from a slippery slope to an uphill climb he is able to do with confidence. We recommend Live Your Life to anyone seeking physical therapy because we know it works, it is a pleasant experience, Dr. Norman is very time-flexible, and it is nothing short of a blessing.

Thanks to LYL-PT for renewal!

E. William Anderson, Shoreview

My name is Bill Anderson. After being in the hospital and rehab stretch of about a month, I was advised to begin a Physical Therapy program. Dr. Allison McNulty has been my therapist since May. My wife and I immediately felt comfortable with Allison, and that we are striving for the same goals. She is always cheerful, friendly, professional in her manners, very knowledgeable and thorough in conducting her workout programs. She is always trying to please her client. We would confidently recommend Allison and Live Your Life Physical Therapy.

Keith Nelson, New Brighton

My name is Keith W. Nelson and your (Dr. Allison McNulty) helped me develop strength and build muscle to walk. You also gave me a boost of courage to become independent.

What I would say to my family and friends is that I would highly recommend Dr. McNulty to help you gain courage for life’s activities.

What I like the most about Dr. McNulty is her positive, joyful attitude and the fact that she is always prepared for our daily activity. She helps me get over my anxiety.

Phil & Joan VanBeusekom, Oak Park Senior Living, Oak Park

How do you feel about your Life Your Life SENIORCISING FALL FREE Exercise Class?
Phil: “I enjoy the class. I now have a feeling of well-being that did not exist until I started this class. My flexibility and strength have improved. I use weights. I am now able to get on and off the floor without help!”

Joan: “The class has helped me improve physically and mentally. It keeps me moving, active, safe and healthy. It makes me feel better about myself and life in general. Thank you Dr. Eva!”

Loren Butterfield, Wayzata

I have been at Hillcrest of Wayzata for over 1 year. I paid for additional therapy there but could not move on with their services as I wanted improvement. The first therapy session (with Dr. Eva Norman) helped me to walk better after walking for over a year with their (Hillcrest’s) best practical persons. Thank you for the efforts you have brought to me.

What I would tell my family and friends is to take my advice and use their services.

What I liked the most about my physical therapist, Dr. Jessica Berglund is that she is well trained, I have improved in her care.

Jim Carlberg, Minneapolis

Jim Carlberg is native of the Minneapolis area. During his time in the service, he traveled and lived in several states and countries, but he keeps coming back to Minnesota. Currently, Jim lives in Brooklyn Center with his wife and two shitzu’s, Zoe and Sadie. Jim came to LYLPT to improve his balance. He has several medical conditions that impact his balance systems. Through intense balance, strength, and endurance training, Jim has been able to significantly improve his balance, reduce his fall risk, and generally move better. He’s proud to say he has not had a fall in over three months, and he is now able to walk his dogs daily. Now you can find Jim working out in his facility’s fitness center several days a week to keep up his fitness and continue to improve his balance. Thank you for your hard work, Jim!

Paul Larson, son of Beverly Larson, Robbinsdale

I hired Dr. Norman to help my Mother, who had severe arthritis and pseudo-gout (painful joints) walk and keep active for the last eight months of her life. My Mom also had severe dementia. Foremost, Dr. Norman is a tremendous advocate and her advocacy for my Mother went far beyond her excellent physical therapy and into all facets of my Mother’s care. Her Physical Therapy skills were very effective.She could get my Mom to walk, use hand splints, and do stretching when nobody else could—including me. So Dr. Norman taught us how to better care for my Mom with demonstration, videos and photographs, resulting in more success for others in their efforts to care for my Mother.

Dr. Norman came to help my Mom twice per week, and here’s a partial list of Dr. Norman’s great help to my Mother:

  1. Great PT and a gifted, soft touch: She is a very capable PT Doctor who is just plain good at moving and helping others to move their bodies. With Mom’s conditions of painful joints and dementia, this ability of Dr. Norman was a real gift. It became readily apparent that Dr. Norman was capable of getting Mom to walk and stretch and move around when others, including me, just could not. So Dr. Norman used videos and photograph for training staff and family to better care for Mom.
  2. Communication with Family and Staff: Nearly every visit was followed up to me with a phone call or an email, sometimes with photos and video. A very detailed phone call was often the norm, and I quickly learned to just listen, for Dr. Norman’s articulation answered all of my questions, with the Dr. literally exhausting herself in the details of her visit and work with my Mom. I knew what my Mom’s day was like every time Dr. Norman visited. With the staff, Dr. Norman’s visits covered everything from medication suggestions to helping Mom get out of bed—along with Mom’s PT, of course. Videos were made available for staff training, and photographs of Mom were in her room to help with splints and with stretching. With such a focus on Mom’s health and care, Dr. Norman enabled others to better care for my Mom.
  3. Dr. Norman’s advocacy for my Mom really shone with product procurement. First, a commode chair appeared–Dr. Norman just went and picked one up one day! To paraphrase her: “I’ll go pick that for your Mom, I know a good place, it’s on my way, etc.” As Mom’s health declined, Mom intermittently used a wheelchair. You guessed it–Dr. Norman scored a wheelchair nearly the instant this item was deemed necessary.

Clearly something was going on here beyond just a PT Therapist coming in and helping my Mother stretch and walk for an hour every week. Dr. Norman advocated for my Mother on many levels. All the things Mom needed appeared and were provided. Dr. Norman improved my Mother’s quality of life and also helped me and others deepen our love and appreciation for my Mother. Here’s what I say: If you want an advocate for your loved one, if you want a caregiver, if you want another perspective on your loved one’s health, you will get all of that and more with Dr. Eva Norman

Edward Schmidt, Richfield

I am Ed Schmidt, a retired food scientist. About three years ago I had a knee replacement that required a stainless steel shaft. The physical therapist and nurse originally sent to provide this required care visited with each other most of the time, rather than helping me. After informing my surgeon, I was referred to Dr. Eva Norman who took over and worked my knee back to normal. Recently, I had a 6 week hospitalization and nursing home stay which left me walking with pain. I contacted Dr. Eva Norman who, with her staff, is providing the therapy required to get me back on my feet. What I would tell my family and friends is that I would highly recommend “Live Your Life Physical Therapy” to provide the care required to strengthen muscles. What I like the most about Dr. Norman is her professionalism and ability to apply in-depth knowledge regarding strengthening weak muscles.

Marguerite Voelkel, Minneapolis

I am Rev. Marguerite Voelkel and I have a degenerative disc in my back. I was introduced to Dr. Eva Norman when I was in a great deal of pain and discouragement. She became a part of my life and worked with me to the point where I began to heal and my spirits revived. I am of the mind-body-spirit way of life. She worked with all 3!

I have told my family and friends my story and I recommend Dr. Norman. She is highly motivated and very spiritual. She doesn’t give up and I am on the road to recovery because of her.

Norris Hanson, Champlin

I am thankful for Dr. Norman. My quality of life has improved greatly. She eliminated the dizziness that I have had for almost 2 years. What I would tell my friends and family members about Dr. Norman is that she is wonderful person, always smiling and happy. She taught me how to use ski poles again which I love. What I like the most about Dr. Norman is her personality, how knowledgeable she is, how happy go lucky she is and fun. Thank you for everything!

Doug Erickson, Minneapolis

I came to Eva due to pain in my spine and weakness. I now have no spinal pain, significantly improved trunk strength, and better posture. I would recommend her to everyone. I look forward to Eva’s visits. She is a good listener, is willing to help me in any way she can. She is a knowledgeable doctor with a very positive attitude. All these traits show me that she cares very much for the wellness of the patient. She conducts each visit very professionally but yet does the visits with a very friendly attitude.Eva, thank you for helping and encouraging me. You are so helpful in many ways to me. You have helped, supported and encouraged me with all aspects of the wellness wheel: physically, spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, and socially. God is so good.

Henry Walquist, Champlin

I am 94 years old. I am glad I worked with the physical therapists and learned so many new exercises. I feel much stronger and steadier. At 94 I didn’t think it would help me. I found out it sure did. If you are getting up there in age, believe me IT REALLY WORKS! To my family and friends I want to say that the therapists do a wonderful job!

Daniel Eulberg, DDS, Dentist at Twin Cities Dental, Champlin

Our dental practice invited Dr. Eva to train staff in transferring disabled patients. She emphasized how we could protect ourselves from injury as we safely move a dental patient. Dr. Eva had a friendly, fun approach that kept our interest during the training. She clearly was knowledgeable and shared insights she had gleaned over her years helping others. I was personally very impressed with her presentation being both fun and informative.

Paula Lindblom, Support Service Coordinator for Merrick, Inc. Adult Day & Memory Care Services, North St. Paul

Love that firecracker – Eva! She came to our Adult Day Services site and delivered a great training on body mechanics this week. My staff is still talking about it! Learning how to lift someone is not that glamorous but Eva made it fun. We found out that we were doing some things incorrectly that could lead to injury for ourselves or our clients. She has such a professional yet personable manner of communicating that even topics that can create stress are fun.

Our clients are developmentally or intellectually disabled and they are aging. We recognize that there are going to be mobility challenges and we are thankful that Eva is here for us.

We have had seven falls within the last calendar year. Fortunately no one has broken a bone or hurt themselves enough to require missing day program. Clients have improved in their abilities to walk without stopping and all clients have worked on improving their strength. Everyone can improve their level of fitness and under Eva’s guidance we are committed to improving our clients’ and our own.

Sharon Banitt, Wife of Paul Banitt, Maple Grove

I’m Sharon Banitt, wife of Paul Banitt who is just finishing up his Medicare Physical Therapy sessions with Eva Norman. It has been a pleasure working with her. She has been regular in coming and always lets us know when she might be late. For awhile we thought we might lose her services as the home health care agency was making some changes in their schedule. It was something that we looked forward to as Paul had bonded with Eva and was progressing. We felt that to change therapists at that time might be detrimental to his progress. We hate to see these services come to an end but we plan to use Eva’s wellness services at our own expense.

During therapy, Eva worked with Paul to improve his lower body strength even though he currently has no real use of his lower body. She also worked with improving his upper body strength and balance. She made a point to work with our children and grandchildren to help them learn how to help Paul with exercises to keep him limber. We even did a video together. It is helpful to see how to do certain exercises and also shows how far he had progressed at that time. Since doing therapies, Paul has learned to make transfers better both to the bed, the shower, the commode and the car. He hasn’t progressed as far as he would like but he is so much better than when he came home. We manage and are able to have a good life even though we are sometimes homebound-especially this winter with the cold and snow.

Our work with Eva has been a very good experience. It has been fun, enjoyable and I feel that she has almost become a part of our family. We will miss her regular visits.

Sandra Steffens, Champlin

I am Sandra Steffens and when I first started working with Dr. Allison McNulty I couldn’t even sleep in my bed. After ONE session I was able to sleep in my bed. With my home exercise program I have not had a problem since. The balance exercises are also helping but I have to keep doing them.

To my family and friends I would say, Do it! Sign up with them! You will never be sorry. Nothing like one-on-one for an hour. Give them a call. They will help you. And they will do it with a smile.

Dr. Allison McNulty made is fun and she never made me feel embarrassed. She felt like a friend by the time we were done and best of all she helped me a lot. Thank you Allison!.

Peter Calott, Edina

I have spinal stenosis with peripheral nerve pain down the legs which has left me incapacitated. In addition 35 years of diabetes have taken their toll. I developed many complications and around my 90th birthday on July 4th I ended up in the hospital. The hospital stay and 7 weeks of rehab left me unable to do anything for myself and it is important for me to stay active so I am able to be at home.

Five months later I am now walking with the help of a walker, managing my pain and sleeping through the night, swallowing properly, and dressing myself. All this, with the help of Live Your Life Physical Therapy. They are a reliable, professional and dedicated company. They came up with all kinds of creative and innovative therapies and suggestions to help me overcome my various disabilities. Dr. Eva is a warm, knowledgeable, sympathetic and optimistic professional. She is always pleasant to be with and I look forward to her visits so I can look forward to accomplishing more exciting feats.

Paula Lindblom, Support Service Coordinator for Merrick, Inc. Adult Day & Memory Care Services, North St. Paul

I am the coordinator of an Adult Day/Memory Care Services program that serves aging clients with intellectual disabilities. I searched for about a year to find a physical therapist who could design a structured exercise program for us to do with our clients as mandated by the state. I found Dr. Norman almost a year ago and we have been very happy with our association. Eva put together a Fall Prevention class as well as a strengthening class for us to do with our clients. She came and taught the classes to staff and provided us with printed handouts with written instructions, quarterly report forms that make it easy for us to track progress in certain areas and a music cd that she put together for our use during the classes. Eva has a sparkling personality that lights up the room and helps us to provide the motivation that our clients need to complete the class and thereby meet their fitness goals.

I recommend Dr. Norman whole heartedly to anyone who is looking to improve their physical abilities. She has the education and experience to provide the latest evidence-based physical therapy information and she has the compassionate motivation to help you meet your fitness goals. Dr. Norman has pointed out to us that anyone can improve their fitness level and we should be ready to assist all of our clients to improve whatever they can. Fitness training is not just for athletes or runners. We all benefit by doing some intentional exercising.

Our clients and staff love Dr. Norman. Clients have said that she is fun and that they like her exercises. She greets us every time with a smile and a hug and a clear expectation that we will be doing some work to improve our fitness level. She reminds us that staying healthy is important and has shown us it can be fun. Speaking as the coordinator of staff who are lay-people and may not be too interested in leading daily fitness classes, I want to say that I appreciate Eva’s easy to follow handouts and her willingness to instruct and follow up with staff. My team feels like Eva is a resource, not judgmental or critical of their efforts. Her kindness has gone a long way in making the exercise classes happen at my site.

Cecilia M. Odziomek, New Hope

Dr. Eva Norman was my physical therapist for more than four months. Prior to that I did not do any regular routine exercising. But after suffering a mild stroke and coping with arthritic joint damage it was obvious that I needed help. Eva developed a program designed to strengthen my leg muscles, improve my posture and balance and increase my stamina. She also included exercises to improve my arm and hand strength, as well as flexibility. She provided me with pictures and written instructions so I could do the exercises on my own every day.

Eva always demonstrated how each exercise should be done and monitored me to be sure I was performing it correctly. She also did periodic assessments to see if I was progressing. Every assessment showed improvement which was an incentive for me to stick with the program. I now make it a practice to do my routine every day.

I enjoyed working with Eva. She is very professional, always arrived on time or called if she was unavoidably detained. She is very knowledgeable, well organized and a great source of information. If I ever had questions or needed to find a resource for something I might need, Eva was always able to find some answers. I would never hesitate to recommend her to a family member or friend.

Alice Mol, Wife of Chris Mol, Maple Grove

Dr. Norman, I am so grateful that you recognized Chris’ balance problem. I have been so concerned about him and worried that he may fall. I was so pleased that you figured what was going on, set up a program and talked to him about it. I think you rattled his cage. He did the exercises yesterday and talked about doing them today! We are very thankful for having you in our lives.

Julie Boike, Daughter of Winifred Stanowski, Anoka

I am the daughter of Winifred Stanowski. I have seen a lot of improvement in my mother’s overall physical condition since Eva started working with her. It took only one visit from Eva and my mother warmed up to her. She and I have never been more pleased with the overall attention she has received. Eva was born for this profession! Her personality is out of this world!

If you need these services, hire her! You don’t need to look further! Dr. Norman is very capable, attends to details and the best part is she puts my mother at ease. Her personality is outstanding!

Art Kaemmer, MD, St. Paul

Three months ago, after the seventh major spine/joint surgery in five years, my 69-year old wife was unable to walk – literally unable to walk; muscle weakness due to inactivity and immobility had rendered her incapable of putting one foot in front of the other. Over the years she had spent many months in transitional care in-patient physical therapy – with very limited progress – and we feared that she might be wheelchair-bound forever. Then we began in-home PT with Eva Norman and the whole world changed for us.

Eva, with a doctorate in PT, is a remarkable therapist. Gentle, caring and warm, Eva is nonetheless a challenging and aggressive healer; she has been able to guide my wife to physical accomplishments far beyond our expectations, and she has done so in a quiet, reassuring and confident manner. She is a true delight.

Three months ago my wife was non-ambulatory. Last week we returned from a two week holiday abroad, a trip that involved negotiating (mostly on foot) planes, trains, hotels, restaurants and even a boat; with the assistance of canes, a walker and only the occasional use of a wheelchair it came off without a hitch. Our “trip of a lifetime” would never have been contemplated – much less accomplished – without the PT miracles worked by Eva Norman. We are greatly indebted.

Karen Peterson, Golden Valley

I am an active 72 year old grandmother, wife, and homemaker who enjoys both inside and outside activities. I broke my hip and after a total hip replacement, needed to return to my former wellness and activity level. Having Eva come to my home was like having a personal cheerleader. I was not only given exercises to do, but the reason for them was explained. It helped me a great deal to understand the “why” of each exercise. Seeing the value added to the reason to exercise faithfully. It was a good to have her make sure I was doing the exercises correctly.

Eva is very friendly, personable, and on time for appointments. She worked well with me to make it a successful venture. She took care of everything and provided resources making it easy for me.

Eva is a bundle of energy that combines her clinical skills with kindness and caring. She is a wonderful cheerleader, who believes in you and your potential to reach your goals. She explains each exercise so you understand how it helps your body and activity level. When you see the value of what you are doing, you want to be faithful in exercising. She taught me that it is my future that I am investing in.

Steven Herrmann, Eden Prairie

Hi, my name is Steven Herrmann. I am a 64 year old who has had diabetes for 54 years. Dr. Norman has helped me become much more mobile. I had many stiff and weak joints and with regular stretching I can move much better. After doing exercises for my neck several times a day, I do not have any pain and can move it much more.

Dr. Norman is very friendly, caring, knowledgeable and helpful. What I like about her the most is her concern for my health and well being. Eva has a big smile and a great attitude

Doug Erickson, Minneapolis

I am a 69-year old male. I have a curvature of my spine. About 10-years ago low back pain and pain in stomach had become constant companions. I feel more pain when standing and it is somewhat relieved when I am seated. I started on a journey to find relief of my pain.

When the pain persisted I saw a spine specialist. He determined that no surgery should be done because I did not have any major body function malfunction and was able to work full time job that required a combination of standing seated activity. Physical therapy was prescribed.

I tried the recommended physical therapy but had no relief of the back pain. The physical therapy activities either were ineffective or I did not complete the exercises assigned for me. I felt no relief of the pain so I ended the physical therapy.

I then heard about an organization that specialized in helping people that had issues with pain. The therapy they offered did strengthen my arms and legs but my pain continued. I stopped going to see them.

I met Dr. Eva Norman, physical therapist. She noticed that I was not standing correctly and thought I probably had curvature of my back and that she might be able to help me.

I have seen her about four or five sessions and I believe I have a chance to find some relief from pain. Dr Norman has given me specific exercises to strengthen my core muscles that she believes are at the root cause my pain. These muscles have been strengthened and I am beginning to feel better. The pain is not constant and it is reduced even when I am standing and working.

Through her therapy sessions and her encouraging advice Dr Norman has offered me hope that my journey with pain may be coming to a happy conclusion with freedom of constant pain.

Ken Hartman, Maple Grove

I had a stroke in September 2012 after which I lost the use of my left arm, hand, and leg. After three months at Courage Center I came home. I was very fortunate to have Dr. Eva come to our home to continue physical therapy.

When we met she was so positive and said she saw a lot of potential in me. Dr. Eva was always encouraging me. She gave me exercises with illustrations to do on my own. With her help it was the first I had walked with only a quad cane since my stroke. I feel I made more progress in 6 weeks with her than I did at Courage Center in three months.

What I like the most about her is her positive attitude and words of encouragement. Her limitless patience made it easier for me to work hard and push myself to do more.

Cathy Paquay, Daughter of Violet Mike, Blaine

Dr. Eva Norman has been a godsend for my 90 year old mother and her family. The physical therapy provided to my mother by Eva has enabled her to continue to live in an Assisted Living environment with safety and a sense of independence. She has educated the caregiver staff to both help my mom and the staff to safely transfer into her bed, shower, and beyond. Since my mother is confined to a wheelchair and unable to walk and/or move without assistance, Eva has provided the staff and myself with the correct knowledge to both assist my mom and keep the staff safe and healthy. We are all so thankful that our path crossed with Dr. Norman, and she has been able to care for my mother.

I would and have told many family members that Eva is a person first who cares about the physical and mental welfare of her patients and a physical therapist who is extremely knowledgeable, capable, and well-thought of in her field. She communicates with both family and nursing/caregiving staff to make sure they understand the situation and proper therapy for her patients. I have seen this firsthand with my mother.

What I like the most about Dr. Norman is her knowledge of the field of physical therapy and the respect she has earned from her colleagues. Communication is another very strong aspect for Eva, and I especially like the way she communicates after each and every visit. Finally, the evident care and compassion she genuinely shows for my mom during each session, constantly trying to think of new and unique ways to encourage mom to keep “trying!”

Alice & Chris Mol, Plymouth

Dr. Eva Norman came into our lives two years ago when Alice needed much physical and emotional care. Dr. Norman brings an unbelievable wealth of expert care to Alice and has the fit to reach her on a personal level that few people possess. Dr. Norman treats the whole person in addition to specific problem areas and offers advice and encouragement. She was recommended to us and we would certainly recommend her to anyone needing her services.

Mark & Jill Sampica, Champlin

Eva has been our family physical therapist for years. She has always gone above and beyond and treated us like family. She has spent countless hrs not only treating symptoms but looking at ways to promote better preventative health for us to move forward in the future. Our boys consider her family and she is as faithful, passionate, and caring in her personal life, church, and friendships, as she is in her business. Truly a remarkable person inside and out. I would recommend her to anyone for therapy knowing full well she will go the extra mile without being asked.

Mark and Barb Curwick, Maple Grove

Dear Ms. Norman,
Thank you so much for your time and efforts spent with our daughter, Cristin, in her Physical Therapy. She struggled with a great deal of knee and leg pain during the school Nordic Ski season this past year so we had her examined by our family doctor who found nothing physically wrong suggesting that it was just the normal growing pains of a thirteen-year-old girl. When the pain persisted making it difficult for her to participate in the Track and Field season, we knew she could not continue without trying to do something. We are so glad you were willing to take the time to watch her in practice and then work with her to strengthen her core. The simple workouts you put her through and recommendations you made had an immediate impact as her pain was eliminated. When Cristin told us that you were going to train her to run a Triathlon, we first thought she was kidding us. As you continued to work with her, she became much more confident and strong. Not just physically, but also in her identity growing from our baby girl into a young lady. Later as we discovered that she was NOT kidding about the triathlon, we felt that she was maybe kidding herself and that perhaps you thought she was more of an athlete than we felt she could be. We have to admit that when we picked up the materials from the YWCA a few days before the race, we were at least a little bit scared for her. What did we let her get herself into? She is a very petite girl who had just found the strength to ride a bike a few years ago and she had never even come close to swimming 500 meters. Yet Cristin was supremely confident and she was the one assuring us that she would be alright.

We can’t tell you how much it meant to us and Cristin that you joined us in watching her participate in the YWCA Women’s Triathlon in August. As it turned out she was the youngest participant. You were so helpful in explaining the rules and protocols to us newbies to this sport. We can’t deny the agonizing minutes that ticked away waiting for her to finally come out of the water where we were not allowed to assist her. The painful looks on the faces of all the participants coming out of the water did nothing to ameliorate our concerns especially since we knew that this was only the beginning. Our hearts leapt when you solicited a smile from her as she completed the 15 mile bike race and began the 5K run. As she crossed the finish line with her head held confidently high, we were convinced that this was something she never could have accomplished without your tremendous help and encouragement. We are also convinced that the only thing more difficult than participating in a triathlon is watching your thirteen-year-old daughter participate.

Again, we thank you and we would be happy to give our wholehearted endorsement to your sincere professionalism and uncompromising care you offer in your Physical Therapy services. We know from personal experience that you go far beyond strengthening your client’s physical needs. You have left an indelible mark on Cristin’s emotional and spiritual needs as well. We don’t have to tell you how important this is at this time of her life as she grows into women-hood.

Carol Kenyon & Family, Minnetonka

Eva has the Education, Expertise and Enthusiasm to help you reach your physical therapy goals. She will get you to top physical form with the most current physical therapy techniques. Eva has taught my 88 year old mother to walk after a second broken hip. She is compassionate and knowledgeable and physical therapy with Eva is even fun! Eva radiates enthusiasm and coupled with her excellent educational background she is able to get results where others have failed. Physical therapy with Eva is very productive and dare I say it… Enjoyable! We truly are so grateful to you, Eva!

Bujold Family, Minnetonka

Dr. Norman’s approach to working with my mother was creative, supportive, and effective. Our family was impressed with the progress achieved in a reasonable amount of time. In addition to looking forward to her visits with Eva, at 87 years of age, my mom regained not only strength and independence in some areas, but confidence that she could improve her condition. Our entire experience with Dr. Norman was delightful.

Barbara Bujold-Martinez & Family, Minnetonka

You break my heart! To see my Mom making such effort and it’s for YOU she does it. You do have a gift for this work you do. It’s powerful to see the video of my Mom’s progress and equally powerful to see the creativity and results of a master at work. Because of your involvement, I will never feel that our family didn’t do enough for our mom when she needed support. And you may quote me on that!!

Roxanne Kassa, Maple Grove

My name is Roxanne Kaasa, daughter and caregiver for my father, Robert Wright. My father experienced a stroke. We were referred to a home health care agency after discharged from North Memorial. My father was discharged from the home health care agency after 2 months. We knew that my father still had several issues that were not addressed. We hired Eva Norman privately. Eva worked with us for one month, she addressed my father’s issues with a totally different approach and we saw significant improvement. My father improved more in one month than he had in 2 months with the prior home health agency. His balance and awareness improved. Eva challenged my father on a daily basis.

Eva is professional, educated, caring & awesome! I only wish I had known about Eva the day we took my father in for his rehab. I would tell them to call Eva first and not waste precious time on substandard Home Health Care Agencies. I cannot say enough above Eva!

She took the time to explain what she was doing and why. She was firm but compassionate in her approach with my father. Eva has passion for what she does and takes great pride in her work. She is highly educated and motivated to see her patients meet their goals. My father’s goal was to walk – she took a step further and made sure he was “safe” in his walking.

Ruth Kumagai & Grateful Family, Roseville

Nearing ninety-years-old, a bad fall at work took me from a healthy, independent, and active person to one suffering with incapacitating back and leg pain. This pain caused me to lose what I value so much – my independence. I spent two months unable to leave my apartment and grew increasingly dependent upon my family. It was then that when referred to Dr. Eva Norman that my life took an amazing turn.

Dr. Norman quickly diagnosed me with a Sacroiliac or “SI” dysfunction. She began an in-home treatment program and, to my amazement, I felt liberating relief from my constant pain. Under her continued PT care, I progressed rapidly to only intermittent pain where I could apply my learned self-care skills. I do my daily “rehab” exercises faithfully and will continue them as a preventative.

I honestly feel as though I am emerging from life’s darkest expectations. But now, this 90-year-old looks forward to restoration of healthy life and loving her great-grandchildren.

Dr. Eva Norman’s excellence comes not only from her professional expertise, but from her own special art of care. She says to just call her “Eva”, but for giving me my life back, I call her my “healing angel.”

Holly Lindstrom, Plymouth

I’m a mom of two and a grandma of 5. I have knee, hip, & back issues. I’ve had one knee and one hip done. Eva has been working diligently with me to help strengthen my back. She’s helped a lot and I get the other hip done, it’ll get even better. I would recommend Eva to anyone who has any physical issues. She helps beyond what you can do on your own. Eva goes out of her way to find anything that would help you. She’ll research until she finds what you need. She also becomes a friend in the process, because of her caring and dedicated ways.

Tammy Cardenas, Property Manager for Cerenity Residence, S. St. Paul

“Live Your Life” PT and Dr. Eva Norman are top notch! Eva takes the time with our tenants and follows through with our staff to make sure the tenant receives the best care! She has written an exercise program for our tenants so they are able to stay in their apartment longer and have a better quality of life. I would recommend Dr. Eva again and again!

Laurie Johnson, Director of Nursing for Cerenity Residence, S. St. Paul

Working with Eva Norman has been a very refreshing and positive experience. I have been a nurse in Geriatrics since 1995 and have worked with many interdisciplinary teams. Eva definitely goes above and beyond the call of duty in her work as a physical therapist and I have and will continue to recommend her services to any one that inquires. She has a positive drive, passion, and empathy in her daily work. This attitude is felt by the Tenants, families, and staff she works with. Eva is a team player and the communication between my employees and Eva is strong, which has promoted physical success and quality of life for my Tenants. I have total confidence that Eva will provide the Tenants the best opportunity for maintaining and improving their lives as they age.

Duncan Putnam, Golden Valley

Eva Norman has been working to improve my 90 year old father’s ability to walk for approximately 9 months and he has shown a tremendous improvement in his flexibility and strength as a result of her work! He was wheel chair bound for many months and is now only using his walker and hopes to be able to be more independent soon.

Dr. Eva Norman is pleasant, pretty, considerate and punctual. It’s amazing how she gets me to do things that no one can get me to do. At 90 my balance is improving to the point I want to get rid of my walker. I highly recommend her.

Nancy Putnam, Chanhassen

My father has shown an improved attitude toward life and his daily routine and I attribute this to Eva’s ability to motivate and inspire her patients. I am grateful for her commitment to working with my father and hope to continue the routine for many years to come! She also continues to inform the family of the details of the visits and sessions and is always available to family members day and night. She is truly a professional and is passionate about the well being of her patients!

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