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Craig Benton,


Massage Therapist

Craig Benton graduated from the Minnesota School of Business in 2005 with a Diploma in Massage Therapy. With 10+years of experience he has developed a technique including reflexology, Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy and sports massage. He enjoys helping people by relieving pain and stress from their lives using a combination of techniques and focusing on an area that is causing pain or discomfort.


Liz Rosenberg, BA, CMT

Massage Therapist

Liz Rosenberg, BA, CMT, is a 1986 graduate of the College of St. Benedict and 2001 graduate of the Sister Rosalind Gefre School of Professional Massage. Liz has also completed post-graduate courses in Myofascial Release (MFR) and CranioSacral Therapy (CST) and Integrated Manual Therapy. She continues to increase her clinical knowledge and expertise as a CST teaching assistant allowing her to better serve her patients.

As a Certified Massage Therapist, Liz is experienced in the care of patients who have suffered injury, accident or those with chronic/ongoing health problems. She embraces a philosophy of helping the body heal by helping you relieve the tension and imbalance within your body. Services promote relaxation, vitality and life-long wellness. Liz listens to your body’s wants and needs, then guides you on your journey to optimal health.

Liz’s outside interests include spending time with her family, travel and nature with all its wonders.


Rachelle Piram,


Massage Therapist

Rachelle Piram, CMT, graduated from The College of St. Scholastica with a Bachelor of Arts in Health Science and continued to study at the master’s level in Occupational Therapy with an internship at Johns Hopkins. She received her 600 hour massage therapy certification through National Massage Therapy Institute in Falls Church, VA in 2008. Rachelle has spent a decade in the field. She works with elite Division 1 athletes at the University of Minnesota, and travels with the Men's and Women's Swim and Dive team for the Big 10 tournament and NCAA championships. Rachelle has worked with other teams at the University of Minnesota including football, volleyball, women's track and field, and men's and women's gymnastics. She also works with the USA Track and Field Team, and crossfitters of all levels. Rachelle is also a firefighter, EMT, and plays women's professional football with the Minnesota Vixens.


Roxann Keyes, BA, CMT

Massage Therapist

Roxann Keyes has been a Certified Massage Therapist since 2003, working in both a clinic and in homes. She has extensive training in the area of trauma care and integrative manual therapy.

Each of her sessions is specific and specialized to each individual’s needs with the goal of bringing the body back into natural balance and functioning. She specializes in treating individuals with acute or chronic injuries including motor vehicle accidents, chronic pain, everyday stress or other traumas.

As a social worker working with many traumatic issues for many years, she understands the connection to the body and the need for healthy positive touch.

Roxann’s philosophy is to assist clients by enhancing their overall well-being and bringing balance into their lives. In order to facilitate the healing process, she incorporates a holistic approach and addresses both mind and body while exploring the inter-relationships between the two.

All modalities rely heavily on client-therapist interaction including verbal and non-verbal.


Stephanie Ykema-Stunes,


Massage Therapist

Stephanie Ykema-Stunes is a Licensed Massage Therapist who graduated from the Minnesota School of Business with an Associate of Applied Science degree in 2005. The program consisted of more than 750 hours of training in multiple modalities of massage as well as academic coursework. While she enjoys doing many different type(s) of massage, her passion for providing clients with rehab massage as well as deep-tissue and trigger point therapy is where she shines.

When not helping clients live their best lives, she enjoys spending time with her husband Corey, their dog Clifford and riding both bicycle as well as motorcycle.

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