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For Dentists & Physicians: Are you aware of recent legislation regarding the proper methods for transferring patients? Would you like to ensure you’re on board but don’t know how to implement it to your staff? If so, this program is geared specifically for you.


The Minnesota Safe Patient Handling Act’s goal is to keep staff and patients injury-free by using equipment and not people for lifts and transfers. It was adopted for hospitals, nursing homes, and outpatient surgery centers in 2007. This law was amended in 2009 to include medical and dental clinics. Clinics were required to develop a written safe patient-handling plan by January 1, 2012, requiring provisions for initial and ongoing training of staff with the appropriate documentation. Live Your Life Physical Therapy can assist clinics by providing a presentation with handouts on proper posture, body mechanics and safe patient transfers. We utilize various pieces of equipment, and request that the equipment be provided by the clinic.

For others: Is your staff getting injured? Are you concerned about the safety of your staff, residents, and clients? This program can be customized to meet the needs of your business. Whether it is your annual education, for staff returning to work from an injury, ensure that your staff has the necessary knowledge and skills to provide safe patient handling. We provide presentations tailored to meet your specific needs and to ensure that your staff demonstrates understanding of transferring safely.

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