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Hillary Rotunda,


Executive Assistant

Starting from when she was a little girl, Hillary’s passion has always been in living a healthy way of life through movement and eating right. She played many sports when growing up but ended up sticking with volleyball and softball through college at Concordia College in Moorhead. While at Concordia, she earned a double major in exercise science and nutrition, graduating in 2015. After moving to the cities from my long-time home of the Fargo area, she was not quite sure what her passion was until she started working as a personal trainer. She learned from brilliant personal trainers and physical therapists, which led to her discovery of corrective exercise being her passion. She has decided to finish up the classes needed to apply for physical therapy school, which she plans on doing soon! She is excited to be at Live Your Life Physical Therapy to learn as much as she can from Dr. Norman and all the physical therapist on staff!


Andrew Wallner

Administrative Assistant

Andy Wallner, SPT, is originally from Wisconsin and attended the University of Wisconsin – Madison where he obtained a B.S. in Kinesiology. He moved to the Twin Cities in 2021 to pursue his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Concordia St. Paul University. Andy found a natural gravitation toward physical therapy as he has always been interested in sports, rehabilitation, and overall health. In addition to his coursework, Andy takes great pride in advocating for the physical therapy profession, as well as the interests of patients. Once graduated, Andy hopes to work with neuro, orthopedics, and/or pediatric patient populations.

Aside from his professional interests, Andy also enjoys many activities that support overall health and wellness. In his free time, Andy enjoys fishing, playing soccer, or just doing anything outdoors.


Angie Swanson

Administrative Assistant

Angie Swanson graduated with a degree in Biokinetics from Bethel University in 2021. She is currently working toward her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of Minnesota Twin Cities. Angie sparked interest in physical therapy from growing up as a dancer for nearly 15 years. Now, she enjoys maintaining a healthy lifestyle through running with her dog, hiking, yoga, and traveling to national parks. Angie is interested in working with a variety of populations in the future, and dreams of opening an interdisciplinary health and wellness clinic of her own someday. Angie is excited for the opportunity to work with Live Your Life, and learn more about the field through Dr. Norman.


Ariel Ruper, B.A.S.

Administrative Assistant

Ariel Ruper graduated with a degree in Exercise Science at the University of Minnesota Duluth in 2020 and she is currently working toward her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of Minnesota Twin Cities. Ariel is open to working with all populations as a future DPT, but is very interested in working with the geriatric population. She enjoys hiking, reading, baking, and is currently training for her first half marathon. Ariel is very excited to work with Live Your Life and learn more about the field from Dr. Eva Norman outside of the standard class setting.


Kasey Kroiss

Administrative Assistant

Kasey Kroiss graduated with a degree in Biology and a certificate in Global Health at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She is currently working toward her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. Kasey hopes to work with the neurological population as a future physical therapist based past volunteering and working experiences. She enjoys cooking new recipes, reading, and working out. In the future, Kasey hopes to open her own physical therapy practice and is thrilled to learn more from Dr. Norman.


Meghan Hennessy,


Administrative Assistant

Meghan Hennessy earned her degree in Kinesiology Exercise Movement Science from the University of Wisconsin Madison and is currently working toward her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of Minnesota Twin Cities. In my time off between college and graduate school, she lived in southern Thailand and taught English to 4-6-year-old children and had the opportunity to travel to many neighboring countries. She enjoys yoga, running and fitness classes, as well as walking outside when the weather is nice. In the future, she hopes to work in health and wellness, and is excited to have the opportunity to learn more about the field from Dr. Eva Norman.

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