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Live Your Life Physical Therapy works hard to keep seniors moving and to reverse the effects of the aging process. With evidence-based prevention programs, we create and tailor a senior fitness exercise program to the population in the nursing home, assisted living facility, senior community, senior center, adult day program, or health club.

Classes are fun and include exercises that research has shown help seniors improve their health and quality of life. We teach the staff in the facilities how to effectively run the program by taking the class, watching us lead the initial class to the participants, and performing return demonstration with the assistance of handouts. Before starting any exercise program, we recommend that all participants obtain medical clearance.


Live Your Life FALL FREE: 45-60 minutes. Classes include exercises from the evidence-based Otago Fall Prevention Program, which has shown a 35-45% reduction in number of falls and injury from falls equally in men and women. Exercises are focused on improving flexibility, strength, balance, and aerobic endurance. Ankle and hand weights are used for resistance. Chairs are needed for seated and/or standing support. Balance screens are offered initially and quarterly to monitor progress.

Live Your Life STAY ACTIVE AND INDEPENDENT FOR LIFE (S.A.I.L): 60 minutes. A proven Falls Prevention program that improves balance, strength and fitness. S.A.I.L is designed specifically for older adults and focuses on balance, flexibility and strength. This is an important activity, staying active and reduce risk of falling. This exercise class can be performed in a standing or seated position. The class is taught by a Doctor of Physical Therapy or Personal Trainer. Gain valuable health outcomes through participation in this program.

Live Your Life TAI JI QUAN: 60 minutes. Moving for Better Balance Evidence-based fall prevention & balance training program for older adults. Reduce your risk of falls by improving balance, muscle strength, flexibility, and mobility through coordinated movements in a slow, circular, flowing motion. This class can be done seated and/or standing, and is adaptable for people of different physical abilities.

Live Your Life THERAPUETIC PILATES: 60 minutes, 1 or more days per week. Classes focus on posture alignment techniques, core strengthening exercises, flexibility, balance and breathing techniques. There will be special attention on performing exercises with good technique and biomechanics with modifications as necessary to reduce strain in the body and joints. This class is taught by a Doctor of Physical Therapy, certified in Pilates and Postural Restoration. Improve your posture while building more core strength through Pilates.

Live Your Life IN BALANCE: 30-45 minutes. These wellness exercise classes consist of exercises which research has shown to improve balance. Foam pads are used to challenge participants’ balance. Chairs are needed for seated and/or standing support.

Live Your Life TALL & STRONG: 45-60 minutes. These exercise classes are an innovative and highly effective approach to improving posture, restoring body height, and reducing the risk of falling and fracturing. These classes benefit those with osteoporosis, osteopenia, back pain, and postural changes. Chairs are needed for seated and/or standing support. Yoga mats, stability balls, elastic tubing, stretch bands, and foam rollers are used.

Live Your Life STRONG: 45-60 minutes. These exercise classes consist of exercises research has shown improve muscular strength. Chairs, hand weights, elastic tubing, foam pads, and medicine balls are used.

Live Your Life with a HEALTHY HEART: 45-60 minutes. Exercise classes can either include a cardiovascular program or a cardiovascular circuit program. For the circuit program, hand weights, aerobic steppers and chairs are used.

Live Your Life EXERCISING: 30-45 minutes. Exercise classes are for individuals with dementia. The program is designed to be in the morning in a quiet environment with few distractions. Demonstrations and handheld assist by the instructor and a recommended assistant are used with minimal verbal instructions to avoid over stimulation.

It is recommended to update classes monthly.

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