" As an intern, I was able to learn so much from the extremely talented Live Your Life team. I saw firsthand how they treat every client with immense compassion, patience, and kindness. It was quite easy to see that they enjoy what they do for a living! They are also so knowledgeable about the best treatments and considerate of each client’s own needs. It is my dream to be as competent, professional, and caring as them when I complete physical therapy school. "

Marissa Hamilton, Live Your Life Student Intern

" "She [Dr. Carrie Schoeder] is professional with a great bedside manner. She knows how to push me in a kind way. I enjoy working with her. She clearly is knowledgeable and helpful." "

Grateful Client

" A Client notified us that she loves her sessions and enjoys her personal trainer [Becky Crane]. She feels her trainer is doing a great job. "

Grateful Client

" “Eva, thanks so much for all you and your team did for us during such a difficult experience. I hope you had a nice Christmas and all the best for the coming year!” "

Grateful Son in California

" I am an older senior with osteoarthritis and consequently, six joint replacements. Exercise is a part of my daily routine. After attending a Balance Evaluation by Live Your Life, it was confirmed I had a balance problem and my lower limb muscles were weak. I also had developed some poor walking habits. Carrie, Physical Therapist, has given me exercises that strengthen and retrain muscles. Whenever she introduced an exercise, she would ask me, “How does it feel? Does it hurt or is it stretching?” After doing the exercises, I felt better and never was stiff. After a few weeks, my friends told me I was walking straighter. I also noticed improvements. Carrie, also, has reminded me of things I should do for my own safety – such as wearing my call pendant and turning on more lights. Now that I have been shown the routine again, it’s up to me to keep doing it. Thanks! "

Client of Dr. Carrie Schoeder

" One of my friends complained of hip pain. After she had seen her doctor and he ordered her physical therapy, I gave her the phone number for Live Your Life. Within a week, she was seeing a Physical Therapist. There will be other occasions in talking to folks around my building and I will not hesitate to relate my satisfaction with the therapy and give out the phone number for Live Your Life. After one makes the first call, things fall into place quickly.

What I would say to my friends and family about Carrie is that she is a good Physical Therapist. She is pleasant, knows her objectives and how she would like you to accomplish them, yet not overly strict. Carrie also came to the Health Club and saw which exercises I did on machines and in the pool. She also made suggestions regarding my surroundings. I feel she gives well-rounded and complete service calls. I liked her and know there are things to work on. "

Erma Kelly - Eden Prairie

" Our family is grateful to you and gently pushing him along. His goals all along were to be stronger, walk more confidently and be able to go to some of his grand children’s sporting events. In fact, I was able to get him to my son's soccer game just a few weeks earlier. Plus he was able to get up to our cabin a lot this summer. He was very proud that he could navigate the steps down to our dock (with supervision!) a few times and take a ride on our pontoon. He could not of done that without you! You have many talents Jessica and I hope our paths cross again! "

Grateful Daughter, Client of Dr. Jessica Berglund

" Hi Eva, I just wanted you to know you are one of the best therapists I know, you took the time to take care of my dad, took the time to train the nurse & aids at the nursing home. If anyone wants to know anything about you or a referral I sure would send them your way, cause you are the best person one should have to take care of them. "

Grateful Daughter

" My family and I first sought out physical therapy services for our mother, age 92 at the time, as I recall. We were concerned about her physical decline. We sought to sustain her strength, dignity, and quality of life. Above all, we sought to keep her from falling and having to try to rehabilitate broken bones. From the very beginning, family members felt connected to Eva and the other two physical therapists with whom my mother worked. There was a “personal touch” that made it seem more like a visit from family. Having said that, it was clear that Live Your Life PT standards were high and that their conduct was highly professional. We knew that our mother was in good hands. It is not easy to motivate somebody between the ages of 92 and 95. The Live Your Life team did their absolute best.

I would highly recommend Live Your Life to friends and family. This is not a criticism of other physical therapists or clinics, but I can’t think of any reason to go with another physical therapy team.

What I liked most about Eva, Ali, and Kylie, the Live Your Life Physical Therapy team that worked with my mother, was the holistic view of health that they shared. It was so much more than just keeping muscles strong and sustaining balance. It also became about such things as diet and hydration, mood enrichment, interpersonal dynamics, the mind body connection, etc. I also was struck by how invested in my mom and her care that the therapists seemed to be. And, toward the end, the Live Your Life team was our staunch advocate: In a gentle manner, Dr. Allison was truthful about my mom’s decline and the turn that she was taking; “Ali” informed the family about hospice options, and even placed calls to my mom’s MDs to advocate for her when the family felt too heartbroken to do it themselves; Both Dr. Norman (“Eva”) and Dr. Allison (“Ali”) collaborated across disciplines, always “had our backs,” loved my mom, and graced the family. "

Dave Stanowski - Son of Late Winifred Stanowski - Ramsey, MN

" I am a senior at the University of Minnesota studying Kinesiology in the hopes of becoming a physical therapist. About a year ago a good family friend, Dianna, suffered a stroke at the hands of Leukemia and began going through intense rehab 5 months ago to recover the left side of her body. The family asked me to help them out by spending a few days a week with Dianna and helping her with physical therapy exercises throughout the day.

Live Your Life Physical Therapy came every day for an hour to help with Dianna’s rehab and I was able to help out Dianna, Dr. Eva and Dr. Ali with this. I was fortunate to have observed Dr. Eva and Dr. Ali throughout the summer and was able to see and learn from them as they personified what a physical therapist should be like and what I hope to be like in my future as a physical therapist. They always had such a great attitude, which helped motivate and push Dianna and went above and beyond to help.

I am very thankful for the opportunity that I had to help out Dianna and to observe Dr. Eva and Dr. Ali, as I was able to learn so much about physical therapy and the profession in general. They allowed me to have hands on experience and further sparked my interest for furthering my education and ultimately becoming a physical therapist. I was able to see Dianna work hard and progress every day and also how much Dr. Eva and Dr. Ali enjoyed coming to work every day. This is what I hope to have in a profession and this opportunity has motivated me even more to work towards my goal. "

McKinley Moore, Student from the University of MN

" I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your help this summer. I have enjoyed every minute shadowing Dr. Carrie, Dr. Jessica, and Dr. Allison. They all were very passionate about their job and I learned so much from them. They all are very inspiring to me and make me super excited to pursue a career in the field.

So thank you again for all the opportunities. I hope you had a great summer and got out to enjoy the awesome weather we've had. I hope to keep in touch. :) "

Makayla Heim - Student Intern - Eden Prairie

" Dr. Eva Norman has been a godsend for my 90 year old mother and her family. The physical therapy provided to my mother by Eva has enabled her to continue to live in an Assisted Living environment with safety and a sense of independence. "

Cathy P.

" Dr. Norman is very friendly, caring, knowledgeable and helpful. What I like about her the most is her concern for my health and well being. Eva has a big smile and a great attitude. "

Steven H.

" Eva is a bundle of energy that combines her clinical skills with kindness and caring. She is a wonderful cheerleader, who believes in you and your potential to reach your goals. She explains each exercise so you understand how it helps your body and activity level. When you see the value of what you are doing, you want to be faithful in exercising. She taught me that it is my future that I am investing in. "

Karen P.

" I recommend Dr. Norman whole heartedly to anyone who is looking to improve their physical abilities. She has the education and experience to provide the latest evidence-based physical therapy information and she has the compassionate motivation to help you meet your fitness goals. Dr. Norman has pointed out to us that anyone can improve their fitness level and we should be ready to assist all of our clients to improve whatever they can. Fitness training is not just for athletes or runners. We all benefit by doing some intentional exercising. "

Paula Lindblom, Support Service Coordinator for Merrick, Inc. Adult Day & Memory Care Services – North St. Paul

" Dr. Norman is a tremendous advocate and her advocacy for my Mother went far beyond her excellent physical therapy and into all facets of my Mother’s care. Her Physical Therapy skills were very effective.She could get my Mom to walk, use hand splints, and do stretching when nobody else could—including me. So Dr. Norman taught us how to better care for my Mom with demonstration, videos and photographs, resulting in more success for others in their efforts to care for my Mother. "

Paul L.

" What I like the most about Dr. McNulty is her positive, joyful attitude and the fact that she is always prepared for our daily activity. She helps me get over my anxiety. "

Keith N.

" Love that firecracker – Eva! She came to our Adult Day Services site and delivered a great training on body mechanics this week. My staff is still talking about it! Learning how to lift someone is not that glamorous but Eva made it fun. "

Paula Lindblom, Support Service Coordinator for Merrick, Inc. Adult Day & Memory Care Services North St. Paul

" When I met Eva, I could hardly walk, I was weak and deconditioned in extreme pain and had developed 1 pressure sore on my tailbone. It was a true life-saving moment when I met her. She helped me turn my whole life around. Through her holistic wellness approach, she helped me with nutrition, strengthening, stretching, balance, endurance, as well as the spiritual, social, intellectual and emotional aspects of my life. "

Amy J.

" I have known Dr. Eva Norman for 14 years. Eva’s unwavering drive, expertise and passion has not only had overwhelming impact on her clients, but also her colleagues. Her cutting edge approach and determination to make a difference is evident as she continues to expand in her practice through “Live Your Life Therapy, LLC”. "

Sue Norman, COTA, Account Manager, Handi Medical Supply, Inc.

" What I would say to my family and friends is very simple – if you need physical therapy this is the best group in the twin cities if not the Midwest. We simply couldn’t do any better. "

Arthur G.

" Eva has helped me regain my strength and balance. She is a pleasure to be around. She is professional and very knowledgeable about physical therapy. She is also very caring and I know she is truly concerned about me. "

Dean B.

" Movement has been very tough for me but physical therapy has been essential in my attempts to use my wheelchair less. I would most definitely encourage all who need physical therapy to reap the many benefits that I have gotten. What I would say to my family and friends is that I recommend LYLPT. They are great. What I liked the most about Dr. Carrie Schoeder is her knowledge and expertise. Thanks to her I am now walking daily. "

Heidi B.

" Dr. Schoeder was open, attentive and fully attentive from the beginning. She asked questions that helped me figure out the choices of strategies that would help me best. She was generously caring, reassuring, encouraging, and she was able to explain and demonstrate the information needed for progress. "

Margretta B.

" Dr. Schroeder provided a mix of professional expertise and compassionate encouragement. She made clear the importance of the exercises she gave me. She supported and encouraged my efforts without ever doing or saying anything that imparted criticism. With care and understanding, she listened as I shared some of my emotional responses not only to the exercises, but my whole medical situation. "

Lynn M.

" Dr. Eva is brilliant; she is incredibly kind and patient. She cares so deeply about the people she is helping and she cares for their family as well. I was so impressed that Dr. Eva worked with my brother at his home during the day, in the evening and on weekends. She catered to his schedule. She always arrived with a huge smile on her face and she always brightened our days. I am forever grateful for everything that Dr. Eva has done for my brother. "

Jill G.

" We, together with our families and friends, laud Dr. Eva Norman and her staff for bringing Bucky back from a slippery slope to an uphill climb he is able to do with confidence. We recommend Live Your Life to anyone seeking physical therapy because we know it works, it is a pleasant experience, Dr. Norman is very time-flexible, and it is nothing short of a blessing. "

Janice H.

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